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Slip and Fall Injuries Can Cause Very Severe And Permanent Injuries.

There is a myth that suggests if you slip and fall and get hurt on another’s property, then the owner is automatically at fault. Completely False.

Premises liability claims are often difficult to prove. These slip and fall claims involve a variety of complex legal issues and indeed, these claims may be the most difficult of all to pursue and win.

If you have been injured in a trip and fall, slip and fall, or other premises liability accident and suspect that the business or property owner may be liable, contact our office as soon as possible. It is imperative that a thorough investigation be undertaken in these cases as soon as possible, to find evidence, gather witness information and statements and assure that all evidence is preserved. We offer free case evaluations and contingent attorney fees. 

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The Burden of Proof Premises Liability-Slip and Fall Injuries

Simply being injured while on another person’s property does not make that person or property owner liable for your injuries. You must prove negligence, meaning that the owner 1) failed to provide or maintain safe premises or 2) created hazardous conditions on the property, and then, 3) failed to warn, safeguard or eliminate the hazards, in all slip and fall cases.

Landowner Liability and negligence may be based on failure to clean up a spill in a timely manner or failure to adequately warn a guest or customer about a dangerous condition. Contact us for help in figuring out your options according to the law if you were injured in a slip and fall accident on another person’s property.

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Why Is Contacting a Lawyer So Important?

Since premises liability and slip and fall claims involve complicated laws and legal issues, the first and most important step is to contact an experienced premises liability attorney. A thorough and quick investigation must be conducted and eyewitnesses must be contacted prior to any alteration or modification of the dangerous area. It is imperative that the owner be placed on notice to preserve all evidence. You should contact a lawyer as soon as possible.

Also, there may be deadlines and statutes of limitations that may significantly affect your slip and fall case. You should not wait until the statute of limitations period is running out because your attorney may not have enough time to complete his investigation. Contact us today for a complimentary slip and fall consultation.

Don’t Pay Them For Their Negligence While You Suffer in Pain Following A Slip and Fall Accident.

You didn’t just happen to slip and fall for no apparent cause, did you?

You were involved in a slip and fall accident, and it wasn’t your fault because you were clumsy or didn’t pay attention. Your injury could have been caused by a negligent property owner who was aware of a problem but did nothing to fix it, thus leaving you wounded, out of work, and with medical expenses to pay. This isn’t right in any way.

The result of an unattended floor spill, a defective railing or stair, an obstruction of some sort, or any other factor that a property owner was aware of but did not repair, is that you are left dealing with a slew of problems that were entirely your own. You are under no obligation to put up with this.

You may be able to file a slip and fall lawsuit against the property owner whose negligence had a detrimental influence on your life, and our experienced attorneys, who have obtained many million-dollar verdicts on behalf of injured clients, are prepared to assist you with this process.

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Chandler AZ Slip And Fall Attorneys Know What Evidence to Gather

Let’s say you’ve recently been involved in a slip and fall accident. You can be the victim of a wet and slippery spill on the grocery store floor, an unnoticed broken step on a stairway that was never repaired, or some other condition that was completely out of your control and caused you pain. Those first few minutes following an accident are critical to recovery. If medical attention is required, you should seek it before proceeding with any other action. If you are able to, you should also take photographs of the conditions that resulted in your injuries, as this may prove useful in the future. In light of the possibility that you could incur medical expenditures and other losses as a result of the accident, you may be considering whether to file a slip and fall lawsuit. When something like this happens, it’s critical to contact an attorney as quickly as possible. The reason behind this is as follows: Attorneys are often familiar with what to look for in these types of situations; at Morgan & Morgan, our attorneys have been preparing and trying cases like this for years. Interviewing witnesses before they forget important details; gathering key evidence before it is lost due to the passage of time; taking photos of your injuries; obtaining your medical records; and, if your accident occurred in a public place, obtaining a copy of the accident report are all things that an attorney can help you with. Putting together evidence is merely one part of the process of putting together a slip and fall case. As we shall discuss further below, there are additional factors that attorneys would evaluate in order to prove your case.

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Explaining a Slip and Fall Case

How do you establish that your slip and fall accident was the product of the negligence of a property owner? You and your attorney are aware that you were not at fault, but how will you and your attorney be able to establish this if you file a lawsuit? If there was a “dangerous situation” on the land that the property owner should have known about and that a “reasonable property owner” would have discovered and rectified before anyone was harmed, then the case would be decided.

Slip & Fall Dangerous Conditions

Dangerous And Egregious Conditions-Slip and Fall

A dangerous situation must pose an unreasonable risk of injury to individuals on the property and must be a condition that a reasonable person would not have anticipated, i.e., not an evident and avoidable hazard. Unaddressed slippery spills on a supermarket’s floor would constitute a hazardous situation. After all, you do not enter a store anticipating obvious dangers such as unattended spills. A second example would be a cinema theater with broken stairs. When descending stairs to your seat, you anticipate that they will perform as expected. But what if they fail and you fall because the owner failed to address the issue? This is a hazardous situation.

Legally ’Practical’ Property Owners-Slip and Fall Liability

In addition to proving that unsafe conditions were left unattended due to negligence, a slip-and-fall case requires demonstrating that the property owner did not act as a reasonable property owner would. A sensible property owner would have a plan in place to remedy all hazardous problems in a timely and thorough manner so that no one is injured. A negligent property owner, however, fails to do so and may create conditions that cause injuries, leaving victims with medical expenses, missed wages, and disrupted lives. With this in mind, your attorney and his or her staff will research your slip-and-fall claim by attempting to answer the following questions: – Did the hazard exist long enough for the owner of the property to be aware of it? – Is there a standard procedure for inspecting the property, and did the owner have documentation of this procedure? – Was there a valid reason for the location to be dangerous, such as a wet floor after cleaning? – If there was a reason for the area’s danger, was there a means to make it safer? If an object caused the slip, trip, or fall, may the thing have been put elsewhere to make the premises safer? Could a warning sign or barrier have prevented injuries?

Slip and Fall Financial Settlement

How Much Can You Recover in a Slip-and-Fall Suit?

If you or a loved one has been injured in a slip-and-fall accident, you may be considering filing a lawsuit to obtain compensation for your medical expenditures and other costs. Consequently, you are likely asking how much your case is worth. Depending on the specifics of your case, there are a variety of variables involved. Fill out our free, no-obligation case evaluation form for additional information. Our attorneys have handled cases in a range of professional areas, including auto accidents and medical negligence, and they may be able to assist you with your slip-and-fall claim. As always, there is no fee unless we win for you.

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